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Lesson 4:  The Rocky Horror Picture Show

*Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert*

With 2015 marking the 40th anniversary of classic rock-opera The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Miss Marcie & Miss Jenni take you through a music-filled journey to Dr. Frankenfurter’s castle and back home again to Transexual Transylvania.  

Before Western culture was fully comfortable with non-traditional gender identifications and sexual fluidity… before Dr. Ruth, YouTube, Caitlin Jenner, and the “It Gets Better” campaign... Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror gave shelter to a generation of the curious, and offered a bold unapologetic voice to all those hiding in closets from the established cookie-cutter ideas of what was and was not acceptable in or out of the bedroom. 

Get out your tightie-whities, your sequined platform shoes, your kimonos, and your bustiers, and give yourself over to absolute pleasure.  Sing along as we enter the fishnet-covered rose-tinted world of one Sweet Transvestite and his friends who take wide-eyed Brad and Janet along on a ride no one ever truly forgets.

ps: ...this isn't your mother's podcast!


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Rocky Horror Picture Show holds regular midnight showing across the country and is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Streaming, etc. The soundtrack is available on iTunes

In Los Angeles -  SATURDAY Midnight Showings at the Nuart Theatre (Our oops:  NOT Sunday, as stated in this podcast…)


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