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Lesson 3:  "Little Darlings" -- tagline:  Don’t Let the Title Fool You

*Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert*

Okay Class, no fighting on the bus!  This episode covers the 1980 classic coming-of-age film Little Darlings, starring Kristy McNichol and Tatum O’Neal.  Away at summer camp, Angel Bright and Ferris Whitney are two 15-year old girls from opposite sides of the tracks competing for who can lose their virginity first.  While traversing the story’s teenage world at Camp Little Wolf, Miss Marcie and Miss Jenni discuss their take on Jewish summer camp, parental role models, the “pervy Germans”, and “first times”.  They consider what young people today might get out of this 35-year old film, and examine the possibility of all roads leading back to Matt Dillon.

ps: ...this isn't your mother's podcast!


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